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Why Wilber

Wilber represents some of the largest and most respected companies in the nation. Why have they chosen to work with Wilber?

Subrogration Results That Add Up

Subrogation, collection, and recovery services

Since the early 1990s, Wilber has been the industry leader in both volume of claims and successful collection ability. Our team of long-term, experienced professionals makes Wilber your best bet for all things subro. Read more about Our Services.

Experience That Works

WISE TPA, Wilber, Wilber & Associates longstanding reputation

Wilber employees are a team of long-term, experienced professionals.  Staff turn-over is very low, especially for the recovery industry. Claim adjusters and management complete yearly continuing education and are encouraged to pursue insurance designations to expand upon their knowledge and experience. 

Constant Accountability

FileHandler Claims Manager

In addition to our toll-free phone service, email and website, Wilber has other systems in place to ensure clients can easily check the status of each case. Subrogation activity can likewise be monitored via Client View. This secure web-based portal allows clients to send notes about a claim, upload documents, view collection totals and more.

Data Security

ACA PPMS ISO Certified

Wilber understands the importance of protecting our client's sensitive information. We use a nationally known recovery system that runs on state of the art technology.  Our data is encrypted at rest and our processes are ACA PPMS (ISO) certified.

Assignment of Case Files

Case Assignments

Assignments are accepted by Wilber via most media: mail, fax, email, CD-ROM or tape, Internet and FTP upload. New in 2014, Wilber introduced a Claims Submission Portal. This allows for an immediate upload directly to Wilber’s Data Entry team.  A claim processor or attorney, depending on the balance, examines the new cases. The case is then sent to data entry for loading in the system to be assigned to the proper adjuster, attorney or collector. The file is scanned to our electronic case file, a process taking 24-48 hours to complete upon receipt. (Often accomplished the same business day.) Wilber sends written acknowledgement as requested to our clients on all cases loaded. Clients may also view an acknowledgement report via the Internet, which provides assignment information for cases loaded in the current and previous month in real time. Wilber has the capability to send clients email acknowledgements the day the case is loaded, if appropriate.


Service Organization Control Certification (SOC 2)

Wilber Group is certainly not new to secure data handling, but our official SOC2 documentation proves it. Wilber’s facilities, personnel, systems, and procedures have been rigorously audited against the latest Service Organization Controls for security.

Wilber is one of a select group of Subrogation service providers in the nation to offer this level of data-security assurance. In fact, when you visit our facilities, you’ll need to be accompanied just about everywhere on the premises. Here are some of the measures in place to ensure the security of your data.

  • Audited SOC2 data-security program
  • Video surveillance and keycard-protected environments
  • Secured data transfers and server storage
  • Stringent chain-of-custody procedures

Whether PII materials, financial information, or client claim numbers, it’s critical to keep sensitive data out of the wrong hands. That’s why the world's largest insurance companies entrust Wilber with their vital information.

More information about Service Organization Control Reports from the American Institute of CPAs can be found here.

Certified ACA International Professional Practices Management System PPMS

Wilber Group is certified to be in compliance with the ACA International's Professional Practices Management System (PPMS).

Our company is currently one of the few National Association of Subrogation Professional’s (NASP) members that has achieved this level of excellence. As a client, this assures you that all of our processes and procedures have been analyzed, documented and reviewed. We are especially proud of the positive comments we received on our banking and IT security procedures.

The PPMS process doesn’t end with certification. On a daily basis we look for areas of improvement to develop better ways to service our clients, tortfeasors and employees. We are using a software program, CAST Incident Management System, which allows us to record every opportunity for improvement and track the progress. We have already implemented over 200 Continuous Improvements that will streamline our workflow to allow us to collect more money in a shorter time frame. This insures our industry leading results will continue to improve.

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