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Frequently Asked Questions


How long has Wilber been doing subrogation?
In 1994, Ken Wilber was helping landlords collect money from recently evicted tenants when his first subro case was received. Wilber won that case, and from then on Wilber focused on subrogation.
What hours do you work?
Our office staff is available Monday through Friday from 7 AM to 9 PM and Saturday from 8 AM to 1 PM. Our Wilber Client View Portal is always available, so you can access it at any time.
Why should I choose Wilber?
Wilber has a confidence that with our various services, we can meet and exceed your expectations. Our past work and our staff back up our dreams to be the best we can be to return the most money back to you. We love what we do, and it shows. 
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Can I call Wilber and talk to the person handling my claim?
Yes, please call us at 800-313-5169 ext 192, and a skilled member of our team will answer any questions you may have. We try keeping our file handlers busy on the phone with legal proceedings and allow our management staff to answer your questions.
What is the best phone number to call to ask questions?
800.313.5169 Ext 192
What is the difference between:

[email protected]  -  New claims to be assigned to Wilber

[email protected]  -  Existing claims Wilber is working on

What is Wilber’s tax ID?
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File Submission

How does Wilber like to receive claims?
Our preference is electronically through our Claim Submission Portal, but we do have a fax, 800.313.5179. We are also able to download files directly from your site once permission has been granted.
Is there a dollar amount limit on claims?
We try to be fair and know what is profitable, so we've set $200 as a minimum for our claims.
Is there a limit on how many claims (too few or too many) I can submit?
No. We have some clients that send us six claims a month, and we have other clients that send us thousands of claims a month.
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How does Wilber rank compared to other vendors?
Wilber is pitted against many competitors daily. Based upon results provided by carriers, we've been ranked #1 for 3 years in a row.
How long does it typically take to get a suit filed?
The typical time frame is 10 days from the time the client gives us permission to move to litigation. However, depending on the urgency of the situation, lawsuits can be filed within one day.
What is Wilber’s procedure once they have my file?
The recovery process follows a proactive plan that has been developed over many years of handling collection work. However, each file is distinct and is handled with special care. Your client relations manager will be happy to discuss the overall process as well as individual file handling.
What is your fee structure?
This varies upon volume, age of files, how it has been worked in the past, supporting docs sent with claims, and so forth. Wilber has a strong track record in collecting, and we feel we can put together a package that will benefit both companies.
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How can Wilber’s consulting help me?
There might be avenues within your work standard or procedures that could use a review to see if what you have in place is the best or possible tweak it to improve on it. We know it takes a lot of faith to allow an outsider to come into your shop to review your work standards and therefore we handle each situation with respect and professionalism. Our experience as attorneys, IT professionals, claims directors, and subrogation specialists help us analyze the needs of your company. This enables us to help you cut costs, improve internal relations, and help you retain policy owners.
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