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Subrogration Services.

Wilber is one of the most effective subrogation firms in the nation. Wilber specializes in recovering funds from at-fault parties (or their insurance carriers) to return damages paid by our clients.

The responsible party may be an individual or business entity. These at-fault parties may be insured, uninsured, or underinsured. Wilber has the ability to facilitate recovery in each of these scenarios.

Carrier to Carrier Subrogation
Over 50% of Wilber’s recoveries come from adverse insurance carriers. Over the past 20 years this amounts to over $750M. About 15% of this work is generated from our uninsured placements. Once our collectors get hold of the tortfeasor, they realize they should get their insurance involved. The other 85% of our carrier to carrier work comes from direct placements from our clients. We have a number of clients that use Wilber as their full BPO. They have realized that it is more economical to use our services than staff their own subrogation department. There are also hybrids of this model. One company sends us all their insurance claims under $3,000.00, so their adjusters can concentrate on their larger files.
Governmental and Municipal Claims
Wilber has a dedicated department that deals with these short statue files. Over the years we have developed a database that contains the statue of Limitations and submission requirements of several thousand governmental and municipal agencies. The timeliness of these claims is so crucial, that we work with our clients to help them train their staff to recognize these files.
Uninsured Collections
Upon receipt of the file, the Wilber team will investigate whether the responsible party had insurance coverage on the date of loss. If the responsible party did have coverage, we will file a claim with the third-party carrier. If the person or entity that caused the loss was uninsured, Wilber will pursue that party directly for the damages incurred by our client.
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If we discover that the loss was derived from a criminal act, and there is an active legal action against the responsible party, we are able to petition the court to order restitution. In this scenario, it is imperative that the file is sent to Wilber in a timely fashion so that we do not miss out on the opportunity to request restitution.
In the event that Wilber is unable to resolve the dispute and recover the client’s loss, litigation is an option that can be explored. Wilber has a network of attorneys across the United States that will file suit and obtain judgement against the responsible party. The legal review requirements and threshold amounts are determined by each client, so these can be personalized to your organization’s preferences.
Wilber employs several dedicated in-house arbitration writers. In instances where an agreement with a third-party carrier or self-insured entity cannot be reached, our writers are able to file applicant or respondent arbitration on our client’s behalf, see it through to a decision, and then follow up on enforcement of any awards. This recovery option requires that the client is signatory to an arbitration forum.
Other Insurance Carrier (OIC)
If another insurance carrier is identified and coverage is verified, Wilber will pursue standard recovery from the other carrier. If voluntary resolution is not possible, we will pursue through litigation or arbitration as directed by our client.