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What is Wilber?

A nationally recognized insurance claims provider specializing in subrogation. We can take the pressure off your organization with state of the art processes and real time communication.   

From initial contact with a claimant to full-fledged litigation, Wilber is equipped to provide a full range of services for your business. Whatever your needs are, we are happy to assist you at any point in the process.

Subrogation Recovery has been a core Wilber function for nearly twenty years. Since the early 1990s, Wilber has been the industry leader both in incoming placements and collection ability. Wilber’s Arbitration department can handle any of your needs, whether it is an occasional placement or all your applicant and respondent arbitrations.

Wilber also handles first party (collision and comprehensive) claims, providing a “one stop shop” that works to minimize our clients’ claim payments and maximize their recoveries.  By handling First Notice of Loss, investigation and settlement, your first party claims are prepared with subrogation in mind.

Subrogation Recovery, Claims Administration, Wilber Insurance Services Enterprise

When settlements cannot be achieved and litigation is necessary, Wilber and Associates' nationwide network of subrogation attorneys are ready to intervene on your behalf.

When you work with Wilber, you can be assured that your claims will be resolved as quickly and as fairly as possible. Our well-trained employees bring years of industry knowledge to their positions.  We are prepared to handle high volumes of cases that might be too complex, unusual, or burdensome on your own internal resources. 

What about accountability? The Wilber process is also transparent – our secure web-based portal (Wilber Client View) allows you to log in and follow the status of each claim, from start to finish. Move your subrogation, claims administration, and overall collections in a positive direction with Wilber – the wise choice.

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