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Core Values

Wilber Values

These are the values that the employees of Wilber & Associates believe in and follow:

  • We are a community of professionals that enjoy and take satisfaction in the work we do
  • We are real people that understand we are here to use our gifts to make a positive difference to and for people
  • We are a family of coworkers that believe in doing the right thing for each other and the world around us
  • We treat others as how we would like to be treated, making no distinction whether it is a tortfeasor, debtor, client, vendor or coworker
  • We take pride in the reputation we have earned through hard work and fair dealings
  • We are very mindful of our actions that may tarnish not only our reputations but also the reputation of Wilber & Associates

When we live by these values, success is the only possible outcome.

Wilber Vision

To be the premier receivable assets management company through partnering with clients who believe this area of their business can be better managed by Wilber & Associates.

Wilber Focus

Wilber practices subrogation and collection law representing Insurance Companies and Self-Insured organizations. In addition to small balance UM subrogation cases which set Wilber apart from other collection firms, we have expertise in carrier to carrier Subrogation, Arbitration, and Litigation Management. Wilber's expertise covers both personal and commercial lines.

Wilber Mission

It is Wilber’s policy to provide client-partners with an excellent net return through continuously improved recovery management services. Ongoing education of our employees and well-defined client-partner requirements and expectations enable innovative responses to their needs. We are committed to fostering a community where employees can excel and client-partners receive a significant contribution.

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