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Wilber Loyalty

Friday Jul 15, 2011

Wilber is proud to be able to say that we have a low turn-over rate in a high turn-over industry.

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Words from our Executive Director

Friday Jul 8, 2011

Bloody Brilliant

What makes us different?  Good question.  What is it about Wilber and Associates, P.C. that truly makes the difference and sets us apart from the competition in the business of receivables management?  Many collection agencies claim to be best.  They have this or that revolutionary program or process which they claim no one else offers, or no one else can do like they can.  With a lot of skill and flash they will present with slick brochures and packets that they are somehow set apart by ...

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Wilber is off to a Great Start!

Thursday Jan 6, 2011

WIlber is off to a good start this year. We have new Clients and old sending cases. It's a joy to represent some of he best businesses in America.

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President’s Corner - Be The Hunter

Tuesday Feb 9, 2010

Though I don’t often discuss it in a business context, I am a hunter. More precisely -- a bow hunter. I particularly enjoy bear camp each year in Canada. Long days of perching ten feet up a tree, moving nothing but my eyes, most of the time spent silently cursing the ruthless mosquitoes that take more blood each year than I could ever give to the Red Cross. Hours of boring monotony, stiff muscles and some particularly idiotic song stuck in my head. Hot during the day but freezing by dark.

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Subro Poem

Tuesday Jan 12, 2010

by: Ken Wilber

When you and a friend are
chased by a bear
The truth will soon be clear

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