Wilber Fall Festival

Thursday Oct 30, 2014

On Saturday, October 25th over 130 Wilber employees and their family members gathered at Rader Farms to celebrate Deana Ratliff’s 15 years with the company. She is newly dubbed, “The Original Subro Diva” for her years of service and commitment to excellence. Ken and Wendy Wilber delivered a heartfelt speech, many hugs and a huge basket full of thoughtful gifts that including an extra large box of Splenda, a cardigan sweater embroidered with “the original Subro Diva” and socks and a robe from the Ellen DeGeneres Show…just some of Deana’s favorites.

Then it was off to enjoy the farm. Wilber employees and their family members received free admission which included a free corn maze ticket and a delicious barbecue lunch. The beautiful warm weather made it just about the perfect day to enjoy outdoor fun with family.

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