Let Wilber Be Your Champion

Tuesday Feb 13, 2018

Let Wilber Challenge your Subrogation Team
Are you happy with the subrogation recoveries of your company? Is your current team not performing as well as you had hoped? Maybe they are performing well, but you think opportunities may be slipping through the cracks?  No matter your situation, you should let Wilber challenge your current teams’ recoveries and see where you could be missing out on those important subrogation dollars!

There are two main ways that Wilber can challenge your team(s):

  1.  Split your files evenly between your current team(s) and Wilber.  Monitor the recovery results and see who does better!
  2.  Send Wilber the claims your teams closed as “uncollectible.”  We’ll do our best to turn impossible claims into cash that helps your bottom line!

Wilber is one of the top subrogation recovery vendors in the nation.  We currently have over 200 insurance, rental car, municipal and trucking clients.  We are loading 12,000-15,000 new claims each month. Competition promotes success; let us push your team(s) to see how much more we can recover for you!  We are confident that once you give Wilber a try, you will be knocked out with the recoveries.

Featured in our pictures are Wilber’s very own Lillie Seggelke. Lillie currently holds two boxing titles, Muay Thai “TBA” (Thai Boxing Association) Champion and Gateway Fighting Series 115 Kickboxing Champion.

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