Generation Subro

Friday Feb 1, 2013

The start of 2013 has been good to Wilber. Thanks to the hard work of our business development team, Wilber has gained lots of work from new clients and increased work from our veteran clients. This means training new recruits, and lots of them!

Training can be a make or break point for a company. Thankfully we have been blessed with resources in house that allowed us to transition one of our best collectors to a full time lead trainer.  Cortney Fleming has performed this task with enthusiasm and amazing results. With multiple ACA training conferences under her belt and a solid understanding of the claims process, she is well equipped to assist our newest team members in learning the tools of the trade while maintaining compliance and using industry best practices.

This vital position allows us to focus our efforts on making sure that new hires have quality training and a direct contact for any and all questions. The new hires also have an amazing tool in their arsenal in the form of a training portal dubbed Wilber University. The portal was created as a combined effort between the training and IT departments and houses video walk-throughs and tutorials, FAQ’s and articles that answer common and obscure questions alike. The videos are initially used to train and are later used as a resource for continued assistance. The result has been a group of super collectors that have significantly shorter ramp up times and have been more successful than any group of new trainees in the past decade.

We are confident that with our competent training staff and the support of Wilber management, this new generation of Wilber trainees will become veteran collector quality in no time, and will remain valuable assets for years to come. 

Wilber Insurance Services Enterprise Inc.