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Our History

After more than 55 years in business, Wilber has grown from a small local law firm focusing on taxes only to one of the nation’s most successful subrogation recovery business – with two locations and more than 200 employees Wilber serves more than 300 insurance carriers nationwide.

The firm handled many types of law since 1964 when Don Wilber established his business. Ken (Don’s son) worked for a tax attorney while in law school in anticipation of spending a long and boring career in that field. Fortunately for Ken, that attorney owned several dozen run-down apartments with bad tenants, and Ken’s primary responsibilities were evictions and collections. Ken found a loophole in the law that granted nearly immediate possession of delinquent rental property, and soon he had every landlord in Central Illinois asking him to handle their work.

In 1994 The Wilber Law firm received its first subrogation claim. The file was collected quickly and fully; and led Wilber to pursue that venue of collections. By 2000, subrogation made up 90% of incoming volume (cases).

In 2004, Don and Ken divided the rapidly growing firm into two entities, each representing different clients and pursuing slightly different avenues. Ken established Wilber and Associates as a subrogation only law firm.

In 2015 when Don retired, the two companies merged back together under Ken’s business and saved the jobs of many loyal people. To accommodate a rapidly growing company of 170 employees, in 2018 Wilber purchased a 2nd building with an additional 36000 sqft space.

Ken Wilber was once the youngest person in the firm, but he is now one of the “seasoned” guys. He is quick to point out that even after 20 years with the firm, he hasn’t been there the longest. Each employee is one of the best in their particular field, and each is encouraged to pursue continuing education and certifications. Because of quality people and incredible clients, Wilber has become a nationally renowned Subrogation recovery firm and TPA. Best of all, It appears the best part of Wilber’s history is still coming.

We believe in people before profiT, hard work and fair dealings.

It is Wilber’s policy to provide client-partners with an excellent net return through continuously improved recovery management services.

Ongoing education of our employees, and well-defined client partner requirements and expectations enable innovative responses to their needs. We are committed to fostering a community where employees can excel and client-partners receive a significant contribution.

To be the premier receivable assets management company through partnering with clients who believe this area of their business can be better managed by Wilber & Associates.

These are the values that the employees of Wilber & Associates believe in and follow:

  • We are a community of professionals that enjoy and take satisfaction in the work we do
  • We are real people that understand we are here to use our gifts to make a positive difference to and for people
  • We are a family of coworkers that believe in doing the right thing for each other and the world around us
  • We treat others as how we would like to be treated, making no distinction whether it is a tortfeasor, debtor, client, vendor or coworker
  • We take pride in the reputation we have earned through hard work and fair dealings
  • We are very mindful of our actions that may tarnish not only our reputations, but also the reputation of Wilber & Associates

When we live by these values, success is the only possible outcome.