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Why Work For Wilber?

Wilber currently practices subrogation and collection law representing insurance companies and self-insured organizations and recently expanded its services by becoming a comprehensive Third Party Administrator. Wilber zealously represents clients in their pursuit to recover funds that are legally owed and maximizes those recoveries by providing the best legal, subrogation, and collections services in the industry.


Why I love Wilber

“After working for three insurance carriers and a competing subrogation vendor, I was looking for an organization that shares and lives my same belief system.  Here at Wilber, I feel my efforts produce internal satisfaction that I did not encounter in any other organization.  I can see my work producing a profit that is shared with less fortunate people from around the world.”  

Joe Palumbo, MBA, CRSP, CCLA

"Leadership and the feeling of belonging to something bigger than just a pay check.  Over the last 9 years with Wilber I have been able to excel in every aspect in my life mainly because I have a solid stable career path that Wilber has provided for me along with a wonderful family.  My family not only extends to my wonderful wife and children but to all the employees I work with.  Wilber truly is a family environment, and I think that shows in our work.  It's kind of like going to the old family restaurant that has been around for years and you know the food is going to be wonderful and the service will be the same because they care so much.  Or you go to a chain restaurant and get a good meal but you can tell there was no heart put into it and we won't talk about the service.  Wilber puts the heart in Subro, and the employees are the blood that keeps the heart pumping.  The leadership group at Wilber has done everything to bring in the best and to retain the best. Along with constant attention to continued education, they strive to stay ahead of the pack and be a leader in the industry.  I am blessed to work for such a great company, especially in these difficult times."

Steve Kuhnke, CSRP

"I have been with Wilber for six years as a remote employee.   Wilber provides a solid structure based on Christian values that helps employees grow in the field and his/her own role within the company.  Employees are valued and made to feel as such and also given opportunities to achieve new personal and professional goals.  Most importantly, Wilber provides me with the ability to fulfill my most important roles which are parent and wife."

Christine Chance, Attorney at Law


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