Wilber’s Employees are Obtaining Professional Designations

Friday May 23, 2014

Wilber strongly encourages its staff to grow professionally by obtaining industry designations.  These efforts are incentivized by a reimbursement and monetary bonus program for employees who chose to use their personal time to complete an independent study.  Currently, there are four designations that Wilber employees are studying and striving for: Professional Collection Specialist (PCS), Associates in Claims (AIC), Certified Subrogation Recovery Professional (CSRP) and the Chartered Property and Casualty Underwriter designation.

As a Subrogation Specialist attends on-going trainings, they are then afforded the opportunity to take ACA Professional Collection Specialist (PCS) Designation.   This industry-recognized collector designation demonstrates that the Subrogation Specialist has what it takes to collect effectively and efficiently while staying in compliance with the law. 

The Associates in Claims offered through The Institutes is the next training that is suggested for Subrogation Specialists because it aids in their ability to understand, explain, and also collect on Subrogation Claims.  These courses deal specifically with how the claims adjuster assesses liability for damages caused and comes to a dollar amount for damages.

The Certified Subrogation Recovery Professional (CSRP) is a more advanced designation designed for individuals who have been in the Subrogation industry for 5 years has agreed to abide by the Code of Professional Ethics of Certified Subrogation Recovery Professionals.

Finally, the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter designation has courses that pertain to risk management principles and also complex policy and coverage analysis.
Wilber offers introductory study sessions, Lunch and Learns on specific course topics, group and also one-on-one sessions to aid employees while they are preparing for these exams.

Wilber is supportive of their staff growing professionally as it aids in their ability to better serve clients by having a staff that is knowledgeable of the debts they are attempting to collect on.

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