Wilber - Your Best Bet

Since the early 1990s, Wilber has been the industry leader in both volume of claims and successful collection ability.  Our team of long-term, experienced professionals makes Wilber your best bet for all things subro.

We will partner with your risk management department, your inside insurance company claims team, or an outside claims investigator. The Wilber and Associates’ staff of attorneys are actively involved in all aspects of case handling. They are always available for your questions.

Don’t need the total package? Well, we are able to provide our full menu of services individually. Our goal is to resolve your claims as fast and fairly as possible. Our dedicated, knowledgeable and customer oriented staff will recover dollars for your organization.

Review our site and learn more about how we can help your organization.

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SOC2 Organization


Wilber’s facilities, systems, and procedures have been rigorously audited against the latest Service Organization Controls for security.

Wilber Group is certainly not new to secure data handling, but our official SOC2 documentation proves it. Wilber is one of a select group of Subrogation service providers in the nation to offer this level of data-security assurance.

Read more about Wilber’s SOC2 certification at Why Wilber.

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